reviews, scam or not?

What is is the largest christian dating service. is a great dating site for active members to contact other Christian in a very active community.

Basically, on you can find people that are interested in the same things as you are and meet your personal desires. This will likely eventually grow into a relationship between the two of you.

 Some of the main features that this site offers to you include:

  • The ability to create a colorful profile, including a personal photo album.
  • Free color code personality profile
  • Free smiles (icebreakers)
  • Free cards
  • The ability to communicate through instant messaging
  • The ability to do searching fast or more advanced
  • Various chat rooms you may join to communicate with other members (one on one or in a group)
  • Ability to see who is currently online
  • Each profile contains a color icon to describe what kind of person they are
  • You are able to construct a favourites list to get easier access to members you favour over others
  • Ability to send and receive private messages

Relationships is really a great website to meet a wide variety of characters locally or worldwide. You can use Relationships to find a larger category of relationships which include:

  • Casual Dating
  • Friendship
  • Others interested in getting married and having children
  • Pen Pals
  • Others interested in marriage

This website is dedicated to serve those at a international level, with most of its members residing in Northern America. You may take a look before making your final decision to see if there is people that live in your city on the website to assure that this is your best decision.

What makes this website better than other dating services? Here is a list of a few key points that make this website to stand out and make it more impressive than the other dating websites available.

  • Relationships offers interactive polls to get your thoughts recognized by staff members and other members.
  • You are able to make a quick search by gender and age or produce a smaller amount of results by making a more advanced search which could include appearance, background information, and much more.
  • You have the ability to view who is online at the time and make searches based on peoples usernames.
  • Photo shuffle- this is a cool feature that is unique to this site only (as far as I know). This gives you the access to shuffle through their photo album and view random pictures.
  • Another special feature that is unique to this website is the click alert where singles out others that may make a quality match for you and sends you a click alert to notify you that they are worth clicking on to read more.
  • Ideal matching: Ideal matching works when two profiles match. Both profiles must match age range, height, and location. If both members profiles are at similar status, it is considered a ideal match and is brought to you for consideration.
  • Something to do while you pass time waiting for a friend on to return to your chat or before you go to sign off is that you can read a online version of the bible. (Say your prayers before messaging that special someone).
  • There is a toll free number in which you can get in contact with their “always happy” customer service, whether its to make a “suggestion” or “complaint” or even if you have technical problems, you can make a call to them free.
  • Another interesting feature that I hope is not overused is the Easy-report link where you can report someone if they are being inappropiate or bothering you.

 With all these aspects considered, what is stopping you from joining today? Take a look below if you have any questions, I hope this answers it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

I was just wanting to know if this website has the option of cancelling your account during subscription to membership if I get into a relationship?

You may, at any time cancel your account with and I hope your relationship goes well, and I hope you contact to give them a update if you get married.

That sounds good, but if the relationship falls through the cracks, do I have the option of re-joining the website and keeping my membership status?

I am not sure how that works. I know you can redeem your account log in but I do not know if you are re-creditted the membership that you had left. You should contact the staff for further information on that, especially before cancelling your account. Why? Because if you have 8 months left of a annual membership, I strongly suggest to not close it just incase you are not granted the membership back upon returning.

The website sounds great, the features are great, so how much does this whole thing cost?

Like many other dating websites, the fees are at a monthly basis and occur like this:

1 month – $24.95
3 months – $49.99
6 months – $79.99

So the fees are relatively cheap and they are worth every penny you spend too!

Final Notes

This website is a great community to meet new people but compared to other websites there is a few less people online at the same time, although there is a lot of active and dedicated members on

So, if you are looking for a relationship of any kind, come on down to and pull out your pens for your pals or get ready to settle down for a new future.






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